If you want to learn how to use visual illustrations, develop your talents and promote the Word of God in exciting ways, the FCM is for you! Enjoy the fellowship and hands-on learning experiences from people all over the world.

As a member you will receive issues of The FCM Voice, the official bi-monthly publication. A magazine that contains Gospel routines for the various arts, exchange of ideas and announcements of activities in various parts of the world.

Members can link their ministry website on the fcm.org website. So if someone is looking for a performer in your area, your website will be listed in a search, for contact information and booking.

The Members Onlyarea gives you access to a membership directory, past issues of the magazine, and several old publications.

Get Energized! At Our Annual FCM International Convention.
Enjoy our annual convention for the entire family with over a 150 workshops, lectures, and special activities. With a membership you will receive a discount for the annual convention, and only one person in a family needs to be a member for the entire family to receive the discount.
There are also smaller regional chapters and conferences held throughout the United States and various parts of the world.

Our Mission
We desire to encourage and assist every effort both individual and collective, which may tend to foster, elevate and advance the art of magic and other performing arts, from a Gospel point of view.

Be a Part of the FCM Family!
If you agree with us in our Statement of Faith, sign the application and send it in with payment in US funds. The annual membership fees are: $40.00 for US membership; $40.00 for Canadian membership or $45.00 for overseas membership.

Join the organization that encourages and supports all the variety arts!

May your talents… catch their eyes
So they listen with their ears
And the Lord… can touch their hearts!