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    I am going on a mission trip to China And my group wants me to do magic tricks while we are there it’s about a two week long trip and I was just looking for ideas on tricks to help Break the language barrier.


    Bradley Scott Ray

    Hello. When is your trip to China? I would highly recommend checking out Duane Laflin’s Gospel Magic Channel on youtube. I think you will find some good information there.
    I personal use a few card, rope and sponge ball routines to reach out to new kids at our church. They are small items that I can easily pack with me. The ones I use have some gospel applications to them. Like 9ne card trick I say we are going to produce 4 aces. But instead it produces the Ace Queen and Jack of hearts. I then say wait we can save this and flip the King of hearts and and then I ask “who is the King of your heart” and follow in talking about Christ. Also the professor’s nightmare rope trick and add patter about sin and how we compare ourselves to others and justify our sins because we don’t have as much sin as the other person. Then explain how God sees us as all the same, that we are all sinners.
    Hope this helps.


    I am heading to China on March 6 and will be back March 16. Thank you for your advice. I will definitely look into the YouTube channel.

    Scott Sandoval
    Scott Sandoval

    I didn’t see your posting until now, but was curious: What did you decide to take and how’d it go on this mission trip?


    I work for a camp in Pennsylvania. It is a Christian camp. We have students from China come to our camp. We are here to try to get more kids to come next year and to see everybody from before. It is an amazing trip so far. I highly recommend it.

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