Countdown to 2020 International Convention








July 22nd-24th 2020

So, as many of you now know, the FCM International Convention has been cancelled. Several factors went into this decision and it wasn’t taken lightly. However…

Here is the bright side…

The quick online convention that we put together during the quarantine taught us a lot. That convention was last minute and put together using bare bones tools. Because of this, we’ve doubled the people on the FCM Facebook group (from 800 to over 1600) and have had an influx of members.

I’m not going to view this as cancelling the convention,, but viewing it as moving it, upgrading it, and allowing it to span across the globe. In fact, with the ideas we have for this convention, we can no longer even call it a convention. It’s now the FCM International EVENT!

Calling this an online convention would be like calling a Harley Davidson a scooter or calling a Space Shuttle an airplane.

Oh… and the cost? After much deliberation, the cost will be FREE! That’s right, it’s FREE for members and non-members. There’s the argument that if something is free, that shows its worth.
That’s not true here. Yes, there will be cost incurred due to the size of this convention and the fact that we are going to use technology and ideas that haven’t been implemented in an online event before, but the FCM organization is going to cover that cost to help each one person out there, member and non-member. At a time where moral is low and people’s funds are low, this event can be a beacon of light. This will be one of the best and most unique events ever… and it will be free.

But most importantly to truly enjoy this event, treat these dates as you being out of town. Just as you would to attend a physical convention, mark off these dates as busy July 22-24!

Members and non-members can watch the convention live on our Facebook page here.

You don’t have to be logged into Facebook or even on Facebook to watch there.  Just go to the site, watch and enjoy!

Members experience will be a bit different.  Members can watch the lectures on FB, however, they can also go to the members portion of the website and watch all the replays!  That means you won’t ever miss a lecture!   This is great as if you are in a different time zone and want to watch them later, or if two or three lectures you really want to see happen at the same time, you can be sure to see them both. 

Also, at night, there will be members only Late Late Jams.  These will be zoom rooms of Late late jams of magic, ballooons, and face painting..  Here is where you can share ideas and talk about the lectures of the day.  Once the convention is over, the lectures will go into the vault where they can still be viewed by members.

If you aren’t a member, you can still watch the convention live on our Facebook page, but if you can join to get the interactive experience as well as our entire vault of all the videos from the last online convention and all our lecture notes, books, videos, and be listed on our website.  So, join here for only $40 for the year!


Just a few ideas for this online convention

▪ Different Tracks for different arts just like the International
▪ Late Late Jam Zoom rooms where each art can get together and share ideas (Members Only)
▪ Miss a lecture because you are attending another one? WATCH A REPLAY!  (Members Only)
▪ National and International Lecturers that normally couldn’t attend
▪ You don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch